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San Francisco, California
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Gitpod's conference for you to learn about cloud-first developer tools and build connections with the developer community.

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CDE adoption journeys

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CDE Universe Skateboard

Our first ever,
in-person conference

Thank you all for attending CDE universe and making it such a memorable conference. The energy and enthusiasm around CDEs in one space was unmatched!

We can't wait to bring everyone together once again.


Pamela Vagata's picture
Pamela is a former AI Tech Lead at Stripe, now co-founder of Pebblebed. She will discuss Generative AI in CDEs.

Pamela Vagata

Former AI Tech Lead at Stripe

Johannes Landgraf's picture
Johannes is the CEO at Gitpod, a CDE used by 900k+ developers. Read about Gitpod's vision for CDEs.

Johannes Landgraf

CEO & Co-Founder at Gitpod

Beyang Liu's picture
Beyang co-founded Sourcegraph and will share his take on LLM-backed coding assistants. Read more.

Beyang Liu

CTO & Co-Founder at Sourcegraph

Chris Aniszczyk's picture
Chris is CTO at CNCF and will talk about the role of CDEs in securing our software supply chain.

Chris Aniszczyk

CTO at Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Kent Beck's picture
Kent is a pioneer of software design patterns and methodologies. Read his blog post on CDEs.

Kent Beck

Creator of Extreme Programming

Olga Pilipenco's picture
Olga introduces Isospin, the runtime environment used in Shopify's CDE. Read about Shopify's CDE approach.

Olga Pilipenco

Senior Production Engineer at Shopify

Nathan Sobo's picture
Nathan is the creator of Atom, now building Zed, a multi-player code editor. Watch Nathan's DevX Conf talk on Zed.

Nathan Sobo

Founder at Zed Industries

Swyx's picture
Swyx is a DX engineer (Airbyte, Temporal, Netlify) and Tech writer. Read his post The end of localhost.


Developer Experience Engineer

Louis Knight-Webb's picture
Louis is CEO & Co-Founder from He will talk about navigating large codebases with LLMs and how CDEs can help.

Louis Knight-Webb

CEO & Co-Founder

Mike Brevoort's picture
Conference introduction sharing our vision for CDEs, extensibility and a vibrant ecosystem.

Mike Brevoort

Chief Product Officer at Gitpod

Sylvestor George's picture
Sylvestor is part of the Remote Development Environments project at Slack. Read about Slack's CDE approach.

Sylvestor George

Staff Software Engineer at Slack

Shelby Carpenter's picture
Shelby will discuss the role of cloud databases within cloud-first development workflows and CDEs.

Shelby Carpenter

Senior Product Marketing Manager at MongoDB

Soam Vasani's picture
Soam is part of the Dev Environments team at Stripe. Read about Stripe's CDE approach.

Soam Vasani

Software Engineer at Stripe

Nic Manoogian's picture
Nic works at Doppler, a platform for managing secrets at scale. Read about Doppler for CDEs.

Nic Manoogian

Senior Software Developer at Doppler

Kabir Sikand's picture
Kabir will give a glimpse at modern remote cloud development with Tailscale Funnels

Kabir Sikand

Product Manager at Tailscale

Matas Strukčinskas's picture
Matas Strukčinskas is part of the Devpod team at Uber. Read about Uber’s CDE approach.

Matas Strukčinskas

Software Engineer II at Uber

Aaron Williams's picture
Aaron talks about how to manage software supply chain security and open source risk.

Aaron Williams

Chief Advocate at FOSSA

Pahud Hsieh's picture
Pahud is part of the AWS CDK team and will be talking about how to boost your DevX using AWS CDK with Gitpod.

Pahud Hsieh

Senior Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services

Pauline Narvas's picture
Pauline is a community builder in the developer experience space. She will be the MC for CDE Universe.

Pauline Narvas

Head of Community at Gitpod

Thanks to all speakers

The future of CDEs is here. View the recording to learn more about it.

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Past event

Talks at CDE Universe Gitpodders at CDE Universe
Gitpodder holding CDE Universe skateboard Attendees at CDE Universe

Discover Pebblebed

Located in the heart of the Mission, Pebblebed is a former production studio. Today, it serves as a community space for artists, tinkerers, and builders. Its interior is one-of-a-kind in San Francisco and was the perfect location for CDE Universe. Alongside the main room with the conference stage, there were several breakout areas to mingle and have discussions.

Fun, food & drinks

CDE Universe is about meeting the DevX community and forging lasting connections. Next to the talks, we had time for connection and fun (did someone say there will be skateboards?). We offered dinner (Thursday), lunch (Friday) and snacks and refreshments throughout the conference. We closed out the first day with craft beer, wine, and non-alcoholic drinks.



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